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Las Vegas. Nevada's largest city stands for fun, excitement and, above all, casinos. A place that invites you to turn night into day. More than 40 million people annually can not resist the charm of this city - but don't you think there are many more people who would like to experience a touch of Vegas, and this unique kind of fun? This is exactly the question Heiko Hubertz asked himself after a spectacular birthday party in the casino metropolis.

The answer? W(h)ow!

Whow Games brings the casino lifestyle directly from Las Vegas to the web browser and app stores. From slot machines to table games, the entire entertainment offering of the largest casinos in the world can be experienced together with friends. The approach is as simple as it is successful: Whow games puts the social experience of casino games in the foreground. All casino games are playable for free (free-to-play concept). The games are aimed at both women and men and deliver the same fun and entertainment of an exciting casino visit.


Whow Games brings the casino lifestyle directly from Las Vegas to your web browser, smartphone, and tablet.

Play any and everywhere

This entertainment offer of the largest casinos in the world can be experienced online as well as on any and every smartphone or tablet.

Play for free

All of our casino games are playable for free, and deliver the same feeling as an exciting visit to a casino.

Legal Complience

Our platform falls under the category 'Gaming'. Because we do not offer any real money pay-outs, and this is legally recognized throughout Europe, we do not need a gambling license.

Our Products

Casino fun redefined

Your casino for home and on the road!

Our social games brands, such as Jackpot.de, stand for long-lasting fun, excitement and unique casino feeling.

Whether comfortably on the sofa or on the go: Our portals are available on the web and as an app, so anyone can play when and where they want.

From the best-known slot machines like "Ramses Book" to poker or roulette, our users will find everything the gambler's heart desires. But it's not just about the casino games themselves, but also about the atmosphere "around it" that makes playing feel like a real experience. So we are constantly developing new features and events that always guarantee our players variety and fun.

Job Opportunities

Take control of your luck!

These positions are currently available

Join our team and step into the colorful world of gaming. Our office, with the feel of a loft as well as roof-top terrace, is located in the heart of Hamburg and still has space available for motivated and creative minds. Apply now at Whow Games!

We offer you:

  • Fair salaries with guaranteed annual performance and salary reviews
  • Fresh fruit and a variety of drinks on a daily basis (all for free)
  • A daily meal subsidy in the form of money tickets accepted at a variety of restaurants and super markets
  • A company-sponsored team trip every year (to i.e. Las Vegas, Ibiza, etc.)
  • Your continued education is our obligation
  • A high level of transparency and open communication
  • Shares in the company
  • No unnecessary extra hours or work on the weekend
  • Team-building and company-offsite events every quarter
  • Your opinions & creativity will help make us successful

Our Concept

Free casino fun for everyone

The founders and management team of Whow Games have many years of experience in the development and marketing of free-to-play games. With Whow Games, we want to make the experience of an exciting casino visit something everyone can enjoy - but without the commitment and without the payout of real money.

What does that mean in concrete terms?

Our players play for free with "virtual chips" that they can collect and win in various ways on our gaming platforms. Each user also has the option to buy additional "chips packages" if they want to play longer, with higher stakes.

But even if our players can purchase chips with real money, we never pay out real money. With us fun and chips are in the foreground. Non-paying players have the same odds of winning as paying players.

Core target groups for Whow Games

Gaming Fun

With our Social Casinos, players experience the unique feel of the famous slot machines and table games - anytime, anywhere, at home or on the go.

Great Chip Prizes

Topping off all your gaming fun, you can also win great Chip prizes in all sorts of amounts, depending on what your gaming activity allows you to achieve! Whatever your Chip winnings are, they'll be booked to your player account immediately.


Our high-quality social casino games can be integrated by our partners in their own digital platforms. Thus, we not only expand the entertainment value within their own offer, but also ensure additional and long-term monetization of their users.

Our Team

Our attitude: Only a team that has fun can also produce fun.

Our Team

We enjoy success, opportunities and new contacts.

The right contact person for every department:

Michael Kühne Michael Kühne
Senior Manager Business Partnerships
With a great deal of gaming fun, I also make our international business partners in and around Europe the lucky winners.
Heiko Hubertz Heiko Hubertz
Founder & CEO
With the vision of providing our players with the best casino fun anywhere, anytime, I support my team at all times and (from) anywhere.
David Stade David Stade
Region Manager GSA
I am the contact person for partnerships in the DACH region. I am happy to answer any questions you might have about opportunities for collaboration within Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Tobias Edl Tobias Edl
Head of New Business Relations
I make sure that people all over the world get to know our games.
Mirco Stege Mirco Stege
My role is to ensure that our projects go according to plan and the various teams, such as the core team, the graphics team and IT, work together efficiently.
Kay-Uwe Strenziok Kay-Uwe Strenziok
Chief Financial Officer
I provide our team and investors an overview of our finances and assist with investments.
Ralf Baumann Ralf Baumann
Chief Studio Officer
As Product and Technology Manager, I am happy to have been part of the Whow family for many years.
Daniel Punke Daniel Punke
Big Data Engineer
I ensure that a reliable and high-quality database is created in all areas for analysis and optimization.
Adrian Valett Adrian Valett
Performance Marketing
Numbers are my life and the app store is my home. I support my team in managing efficient campaigns and optimizing our presence in the App Store.
Kevin Kunkel Kevin Kunkel
I support the acquisition of new users and partners in marketing. My core competence lies in maximizing the conversion rate through professional ad and landing page design.
Lisa Holzkämper Lisa Holzkämper
I make sure that people who are looking for casino gaming fun worldwide, find us and our products.
Mischa Brammer Mischa Brammer
Together with my team I implement the core functions of jackpot.de
Sandra Braun Sandra Braun
Chief Marketing Officer
Our product is fun to use - My team and I make sure that players get to know and love our product.
Heike Hohenstein Heike Hohenstein
Head of Performance Marketing
I make sure that people who are looking for casino gaming fun worldwide, find us and our products.
Maria Lugge Maria Lugge
We are looking for creative talent with a strong sense of achievement who, want to drive the success of the company. I am looking forward to your application!
Marc Thomalla Marc Thomalla
Lead Customer Satisfaction
From Hamburg to the rest of the world - I am the customer satisfaction representative for our players. I also supervise everything concerning social media.
Ole Staben Ole Staben
Lead Mobile Development
My team and I make sure that our players using smartphones and tablets are well entertained.
Malte Sommer Malte Sommer
Mobile Developer
I make sure that our fantastic product is playable as an app on your smart phone, anytime and anywhere.

Our responsibility

We can do more than just have fun; we assume responsibility. This is the case for both social issues and the environment. This year, for example, we made a donation to the German Children's Fund and the Hamburger Bahnhofsmission.In addition, we are diligent in using 'green' energy to operate IT systems.

Our Partners

Nothing is impossible if you have the right partners on your side. We are proud and thank our partners for their ourstanding cooperation

Become a partner too

Through cooperation with well-known game manufacturers and strong media partners, we have established ourselves as the market leader in Germany. If you are interested in monetizing your users, then you should become a partner of Whow Games! (to Affiliate Program)


Have you got any questions about Whow Games or casino gaming in general? This is how you can feel free to contact us!
Whow Games GmbH
Bleichenbrücke 10
20354 Hamburg
+49 40 609 4372 80
Send all questions you may have about the game to: troppus
Send all business questions you may have to: ofni