Our company

WHOW Games is a leading developer and publisher of online free-to-play social games. The company, based in Hamburg, Germany, has been bringing highly engaging social games to the web browser and app stores since 2015. Its innovative social gaming platform is a fast growing gaming destination in Europe and serves millions of users with long-lasting fun.

We are passionate gamers, experienced game developers and professional marketeers. Based in Hamburg, Germany, Whow Games has been born out of a vision that focuses on combining year-long experience in creating, developing, publishing, and selling entertaining products across numerous platforms to people who love games and playing them as much as we do. Come join in the fun!

Play any and everywhere

From web to mobile - endless gaming fun across all platforms.

Play for free

All our games are free to play.


Our Team

Our attitude: Only a team that has fun can also produce fun.

Our Team

We enjoy success, opportunities and new contacts.

The right contact person for every department:

Philip Reisberger Philip Reisberger
Chief Executive Officer
Tobias Reisberger Tobias Reisberger
Chief Operating Officer
Kay-Uwe Strenziok Kay-Uwe Strenziok
Chief Financial Officer
I provide our team and investors an overview of our finances and assist with investments.
Christian Pedak Christian Pedak
Legal Counsel
Maria Lugge Maria Lugge
Head of HR
We are looking for creative talent with a strong sense of achievement who, want to drive the success of the company. I am looking forward to your application!
Michael Kühne Michael Kühne
Director Business Development & Partnerships
With a great deal of gaming fun, I also make our international business partners in and around Europe the lucky winners.
Tobias Edl Tobias Edl
Head of New Business Relations
I make sure that people all over the world get to know our games.
Daniel Punke Daniel Punke
Big Data Engineer
I ensure that a reliable and high-quality database is created in all areas for analysis and optimization.
Adrian Valett Adrian Valett
Performance Marketing
Numbers are my life and the app store is my home. I support my team in managing efficient campaigns and optimizing our presence in the App Store.
Kevin Kunkel Kevin Kunkel
Artist Marketing
I support the acquisition of new users and partners in marketing. My core competence lies in maximizing the conversion rate through professional ad and landing page design.
Dirk Lugge Dirk Lugge
Lead VIPs & Customer Care
We are constantly developing our product for our players, and I make sure that they are heard and remain happy.
Marc Thomalla Marc Thomalla
Product Marketing & VIP Manager
From Hamburg to the rest of the world - I am the customer satisfaction representative for our players. I also supervise everything concerning social media.
Mischa Brammer Mischa Brammer
Together with my team I implement the core functions of jackpot.de
Ole Staben Ole Staben
Lead Mobile Development
My team and I make sure that our players using smartphones and tablets are well entertained.
Malte Sommer Malte Sommer
Mobile Developer
I make sure that our fantastic product is playable as an app on your smart phone, anytime and anywhere.
Chapin Landvogt Chapin Landvogt
Localization Manager
Christian Godorr Christian Godorr
Director Product Management
Julian Woywad Julian Woywad
Lennart Faller Lennart Faller
Working Student Marketing
Sven Ambros Sven Ambros
Director of Technology
Marco Matz Marco Matz
Director Operations Management
Matthias Kampen-Terlinden Matthias Kampen-Terlinden
Quality Director
My focus is the quality of our products. Together with my team, we are constantly working on developing our quality standards further.
Matthias Matthäy Matthias Matthäy
Full Stack Developer Expert
I take care, our products will increasingly operate as they should.
Michael Bohne Michael Bohne
Creative Director
Olga Ott Olga Ott
Natalie Hooge Natalie Hooge
Tayfun Tülek Tayfun Tülek
Sr. Key Account Manager

Our responsibility

We can do more than just have fun; we assume responsibility. This is the case for both social issues and the environment. This year, for example, we made a donation to the German Children's Fund and the Hamburger Bahnhofsmission.In addition, we are diligent in using 'green' energy to operate IT systems.

Our Partners

Nothing is impossible if you have the right partners on your side. We are proud and thank our partners for their ourstanding cooperation

Become a partner too

Through cooperation with well-known game manufacturers and strong media partners, we have established ourselves as the market leader in Germany. If you are interested in monetizing your users, then you should become a partner of Whow Games! (to Affiliate Program)


Have you got any questions about Whow Games? This is how you can feel free to contact us!
Whow Games GmbH
Bleichenbrücke 10
20354 Hamburg
+49 40 609 4372 80
Send all questions you may have about the game to: troppus
Send all business questions you may have to: ofni